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Subject: "An Explanation of Anal Service To Men"This is a new bi-sexual's fictional descriptive explanation of his recent
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66 year old retired secondary hot you lolita models school teacher. The past nine months i'd
begun to have very strong sexual urges about men which finally culminated
in my acting upon them. Mainly, I had begun to provide anal sexual
gratification mostly to other married men, but also to single ls nude lolita sites bi-sexual men
as well. All this has happened after 40 years of marriage to the same
woman, the raising two boys, and several heterosexual extramarital affairs.Through an internet bisexual and gay dating site, i've managed to meet more
than 20 local men since February of this year, and provide anal sexual
gratification to all of them. Their ages range from 38 to 78, and i've
managed to make all of them ejaculate deep inside my colon, after which
I've throughly enjoyed the afterglow of each of the gentlmen's warm
semen. While and after the man completes one of the most pleasurable
physical experiences possible for a man, I find I'm asking myself.... "why
am I doing one of these most intimate possible acts with men?" Well, I
actually know the answer to my question, but i'm still nearly in disbelief
about the whole scenario each time, and about the tremendous sexual and
emotional thrills and pleasure I receive each time I pour my whole being
into, girls models preteens lolitas into loving a man with my torso, my behind,
so that he loses control and gives up himself to me by ejaculating. When
he does so he's revealed the most intimate side of himself to me, and he's
also poured inside me his most intimate and sacred bodily fluid...his
semen.I just love making a man ejaculate by bringing him to sexual orgasm. I love
the control over him that pleasuring his body represents. A lot of men
think that they are in control of a man who's giving them anal service, but
in my view the truth is quite the opposite. It's the receiver of semen who
is in control. He is so very badly needed by the man being pleasured. This
has been evidenced to me by how occasionally a man i'm pleasuring becomes
irritated by an interruption during the building up toward his climax. An
unexepected move causing withdrawal and interruption, etc., can make for an
uncomfortable moment in the countenance of the man Thrusting inside your
rectum towards completion. He so needs depends on my continuing to
envelope and caress his penis with my sphincter muscle and colon.....a
loving craft upon his turgid penis....and the general intimate personal
treatment of his manhood. I'm letting a man penetrate me inside my most
private cavity with his most powerful, masculine....even intimidating,
organ.When I see a man who I find desirable to me, I am preteen lolita xxx pics mesmerized by his
masculine legs..the hair and rough texture of a man's legs, the
muscles... excite me beyond words. During the summer when I see men walking
for exercise or out and about generally, and they're wearing short pants, I
quickly glance at their legs and get turned on from their beauty. A man's
hairy rough and masculine legs sexually arouse me. I just want to kneel
down in front of them and begin kissing and licking their shins, calves,
knees...especially knees, and thighs...especially inner thighs. I want to
stroke and caress their lower body and feel them tremble with sexual
arousal from my touch, and hear them sigh. I also wish to touch, fondle,
caress and explore my man's give him whatever pleasure he needs
and desires. Massage, kissing, verbal communication of appreciation for the
honor of the intimacies my man allows me to experience, and close embrace
are experiences I wish to give and share with a man. The sight of a man's
strong lower body and torso, especially an older man's body, makes me
shiver with delight as I think of him mounting me and penetrating me with
strong lustful thrusts deep within my ass, while I feel his skin...his
flesh, rubbing against mine and his upper thigh muscles rippling as he's
penetrating and thrusting me in anal sexual intercourse.When I'm finally with such men, at last I'm able to satisfy those most
intimate desires, and experience the excitement I get from hearing the man
that I service express his passion verbally and physically. I get to know
what he's like when he climaxes. I get to hear him say what comes to his call out my name, to tell me how good he is feeling, to tell me
he loves me ...if he is having those feelings for me, as I lovingly bring
him the intimate pleasures of my body. I love to see and feel his legs
trembling against my ass cheeks and hips...see and feel the goosebumps rise
on his skin. I love to feel him thrusting in and out of my rear as he
releases his sperm deep inside my ass, and I always thank him sincerely for
such a nude lolita angel models
received gift as his warm semen deep within my bowels.I experience thrills beyond words when the man I'm pleasuring finally
ejaculates. When his semen is released into my waiting quivering colon he
instantly makes me fall in love with him. I'm never able to keep from doing
so. I have no ability to resist giving my heart to him...along with my body
for him to do with as he pleases. The act of receiving anally massaged seed
out of the penis of a virile pleasured man is sacred to me. I feel that the
man i'm servicing in so intimate a manner and I have become as one. His
sperm...the fluid of life...that man's essence, is being absorbed by me and
is flowing in my blood...becoming an intimate part of me. I'm not able to
resist feeling love for him.I always find a man's wet warm semen very wonderful to receive anally. It
doesn't matter how thick or thin it is so long as it's felt, accompanied by
the grunting grasping masculine figure riding my back, or as is sometimes
the case, looking into my eyes as he takes me in the "missionary position"
with my uplifted legs squeezing my man's head, neck, and face while both he
and I tremble from our mutual climaxes. In that position I often enjoy his
deep kisses and a deluge of his saliva to drink as his pleasure causes him
to lose control and drool into my mouth while his tongue is probing it, and
while I'm fucking his mouth with my tongue. When that happens my semen is
spraying his chest and stomach while my colon is simultaneously being
washed with his seed. If he's back-mounted me, I'm cumming onto the sheets
of a bed or car seat as he's pumping me and exerts that final thrust and
then bellows to his climax while deeply spraying my insides with his wash
of semen.These are the feelings that always wash over me when my man shoots his load
of cum into my rectum. I am just so much in love and bonded with him for
what he's done with me. After my man has finished inside me, I always feel
fortunate to have been taken by him. Often I wish to be held quietly and
spoon with him while his penis softens and my colon milks him dry. Then,
upon rising from the bed or sitting up, I often feel the thrill of my man's
cum running out of my ass and down the backs of my thighs and legs. It's
the proof oh his passion, and a wonderful afterglow moment. If he's a man
who's not gotten off in a good five or six days, I am indeed
feeling fortunate to have been fucked by him. He will most likely have
some congestion. A man who's congested is a man who's very horny and needy
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a willing lover of his body.Any comments are appreciated.
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